Tri-County Homes, Inc. is located in Western Pennsylvania. We have been family owned and operated since our inception in 1962. Considered to be one of the Premier Custom Modular Home Builders in Western Pennsylvania, those of us here at Tri-County Homes have more combined experience in building custom modular homes than any other builder in the entire state.

Whether you choose from one of our standard plans, design your own plan or work with an in-house designer to custom design your plan, Tri-County Homes strives to exceed your expectations. Our hands-on approach to assisting every new homeowner throughout the entire process of building their new home ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

At Tri-County Homes, we strive to make the process of building a new home both enjoyable and easy. We work with you throughout the entire process, whether it is a Turn-Key Package or a Wholesale Homeowner Finish Program we will be there for you. There are never any high pressure techniques or gimmicks for you to worry about. The experience is about you: Your Lifestyle, Your Needs, Your Budget and Your Timeline!

What is a Modular Home?

Modular Homes are comprised of a number of different boxes, or modules, that are individually manufactured, then transported on-site to where they are assembled into a cohesive structure. Jigs and templates produce precise structures resulting in tighter joints, straighter lines, stronger connections and materials cut with a higher degree of accuracy. The components of a modular home are built in an environmentally-controlled factory setting where quality control is monitored at every station in the production line.

Modular Homes are built using 20 – 30% more framing lumber than site built homes to ensure secure transportation to the site. The materials utilized are often of higher quality than that used by a stick builder, and they are stored indoors until needed, protecting them from exposure to the elements. All homes are designed and reviewed by a Certified Engineer or other Third Party to ensure the home is built to meet the specific code requirements for the area in which it is being placed.

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Advantages of Modular Construction

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    On average only 2% material waste generation.

    Most modular homes consume 15% less energy than the typical site built home.
    Protection from weather, theft, vandalism, mildew and mold.
    Typically built and finished in less than 120 days from the start of production.
    Built to be transported and lifted into position by a crane.

    Factory production means enhanced supervision and a highly dependable timeline.
    Third party inspectors and engineers are engaged throughout the process.


I love my house! It is clean, sunny, warm and welcoming! Tri-County did everything in their power to make the house the way we wanted it. They were always on the job and/or available. They were knowledgeable in all aspects of the project. They stuck to the job until every little detail was done.

Alice & Walter, Centerville, PA

Thank you for making our dream home a reality! We were living in NJ and planned on retiring to PA, where we wanted a home built. How to go about this? The staff and associates at Tri-County Homes went above and beyond to help us realize our dream. Kudos to everyone involved in the project! Fantastic Job! Everyone was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, skilled and willing to help. Tri-County Homes offer a reasonable priced quality product. We could not be more pleased! Thank you for our beautiful home and for being there when we needed help and guidance. WE LOVE IT!

Larry & Bernadette, Parker, PA

You are the only company I would personally recommend, based on my experience with you and your father!

Jim, Sheffield, PA

We toured several Modular Factories and visited almost the same amount of “Stick Builders” before deciding to use Tri-County Homes to build our new home. This home replaced a smaller 2-Story Farm house that was built in the late 1800’s that was simply too old and too costly to save. I demolished the old house with the help of some family. Tri-County Homes handled the rest, “Turn-Key” just as they promised. We designed our own “blue prints” that were basically an expanded version of the old farm house that we tore down. We took those plans to Tri-County Homes, wear they customized the plans to fit our needs. We had a few delays, but in the end it was very much worth the wait.

Dan, Pittsburgh, PA

You have made buying a house from you a great experience. We would recommend you to anyone who needs a new house. You’re the best!!

Ron & Peggy, Shinglehouse, PA


Concrete Block Foundations

Concrete block foundations offer numerous benefits. Blocks come in many colors and finishes that make differentiation easy. They are relatively affordable and flexible. They require no expensive, specialized equipment, and a competent crew of mason can lay a typical foundation in less than a day. Concrete blocks allow builders to stagger wall height, so steep inclines or declines are not a problem.

Poured Concrete Foundations

Poured wall construction is adaptable to all home styles including ranches, duplexes, split levels, condominiums, and apartments. It can be finished in smooth or brick. Poured concrete fits in perfectly with today’s diverse styles. Efficient modem construction methods make poured wall basements cost competitive with block walls.

Precast Insulated Foundations

Precast Wall panels are designed for today’s homes and provide a stronger, safer, watertight and easy-to-finish basement.  Installations generally take less than one day and are performed in most weather conditions.  The added value of a precast foundation is the time and material savings realized by finishing the basement into valuable living space. Each panel is a monolithic pour using a consistent batch of 5000psi fiber reinforced concrete. The interior of each panel is Insulated and Pre-Studded to provide the homeowner with a very energy efficient foundation that is ready to be finished into usable living space.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

At their most basic level, ICFs serve as a forming system for poured concrete walls. The ICFs remain in place and become part of the wall structure. The forms are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material similar to that in styrofoam ice chests you can buy at the grocery store. The forms consist of two panels of EPS held together by plastic ties which are embedded into the foam to hold the form together.